IZU Library Interior Shading Installation

This study is the design and production processes of an interior shading element developed for the library located at the Halkalı campus of Istanbul Zaim University. A design problem has been identified in the gallery spaces of 500 m2 in total, affecting the ambient comfort as a result of high level natural lighting. As a solution to this problem based on mathematical data, various designs were developed with parametric design principles and approaches and one of the alternatives was chosen.

At the beginning of the study; some criteria have been determined such as low cost and labor, space aesthetics and protection of gallery effect, preference for simple and safe building materials. The applied design has been developed to meet such criteria with a very practical, inexpensive and original method. In the study, in which the contribution to the comfort of the environment is supported by numerical data, a practical method is proposed to architecture in order to shade similar large internal openings.

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